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Dumb Dog!!!
I came home after seeing Josh in his "birthday suit" (haha, that's just the wrong title to give it) [which looked like it was what those models wear in the mags... the male ones.] to THIS!

My Feel the Magic game!!! :'(

But it's ok... it still works. I just got a knife and scraped off all the plastic that was preventing the game from going into the slot, and it works just like before!!! YAY!!! Thank you Nintendo for making cartridges instead of disks!!! YAY!!!

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That's y I have a cat!

lmao! That's what u get for having a dog! (and the many times u made fun of my cats!) but im surprised that ur game still works ^_^; go nintendo! they are sure durable ^_^

Re: That's y I have a cat!

i concur, lol. see...my and yoli are smart. we got cats! :-D

your dog CHEWED feel the magic?

haha that sounds like a mini game... "CHEW THE SCREEN!!!"

lol!~ hahaaha~~ :oP that's AMAZING! ^______^ hehehe... i guess smoochie wanted to "feel the magic" too~ ^____^ hehehhe~ :oP ("arf arf" = breakkkkkk time~ ^___^) heheh... i guess nintendo was prepared for stuffs like this~ ^__^;;; laters!~

aye nako!

awww man!! >< good thing it still works, considering its got holes in it ^^

Re: aye nako!

agh forgot to put "-jennice"

stop drenching your games in bacon grease

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