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This past weekend I went snowboarding with Yoli, Julius and his friends on big bear! Yay! That was fun!

Now I'm just really sore! haha. We left the mountains at around 10, and I had work that day at 5! haha! Let me tell you, it isn't a great feeling to be moving furniture and boxes when your body is sore! ouch! But maybe, just maybe it is helping with my um... "muscles". haha.


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damn joo, i am so jelous...!!!!!! I bet you had fun.

your "muscle/s", huh? X_________X;;;; hahhahaa~ :oP lol~ just kidding~ :oP

anyways, i'm glad you guys had fun~~~ ^____^

Snowboarding weekend was fun!!!!

*looks hard* hmmm..unless im blind i don't see any muscles :P j/k sorry u had to lift and move furnitures on ur day of work >_< when u went to work i hoped that u didnt have to do much and then i thought 'maybe its like his inventory where he's just gonna check/put price on items..he's fine' lol i was wrong.

snowboarding was fun ^_^! meet awesome people! seeing u fall and u being scared riding on the lift...okay just a bit scared huh :P oh! i can't forget u being drunk (hmm i think it was more tipsy) it was funny. ur such a child when ur tipsy ^_^ and everyone had fun taking care of you they said u entertained them ^_^ "the bed is moving" lol

had a blast! lets do it again this year ^_^

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