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It's been such a long time, and there is a lot to say. So... LJ-cuts for everyone! (because we know you're not gonna want to read everything.)

I'm getting a bit tired of computers right now. First I had to help Yoli's neighbor with her computer. And the girlfriend of the son of the neighbor's notebook [yea, a bit confusing] also needed to be fixed. But it seems like the notebook is hopeless. CD drive, modem not responding. Updated drivers, but nothing. It is out of my capabilities now.

And then when I got home... my desktop computer didn't work. It didn't boot up at all. I was so frustrated... but I got it fixed. The video card was just loose...(according to this) GRRR!

I finally got to play my DS!!! YAY! After a long lent season, I managed to survive without playing my DS! YAY!

I am looking for the Taiwanese drama Mars. I haven't finished the first season of Meteor Garden yet, so maybe I'll hold off on Mars. I saw that there's a season 2, so I guess I'll wait til I can get one that has both seasons.

I finally got my first DVD of Meteor Garden back!! Yay! And then Patricia borrowed it from me (after 4 hours of finally having it back). I should go appologize to her for the way I acted. I said that I would let her borrow it, but before that, I wanted to make a copy of it. Of course, nobody would feel right with that happening. It makes it seem like I didn't trust her. I guess I was acting like that because I have let a lot of people borrow my things, and I just haven't gotten them back still. Of course I would be paranoid about never getting my items back.

I'm not the type of person that will ask for my stuff back unless I was desperate. I believe that whenever you do borrow something, that it is common courtesy to return the item before the person actually asks for it.

That's enough of this topic. It's depressing.

I am definitely going to setup my 30 gallon tank this spring break. I need it!!! It is one of the few things that helps me relax. (Besides being with Yoli, duh).

I updated my LJ picture. What do you think? COol? haha

That's enough for now. I'll see ya next time!


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