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What's Forever For?
All these lovers keep hurting each other, when good love is so hard to come by.

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i'm so sorry gian, i had to post this for you, thought you should know. damn them terrorists! damn them all!

Protected Fish Killed
05-20-2005 5:08 AM

(San Diego, CA) -- Misdemeanor criminal charges were filed yesterday for two scuba drivers and a boat operator. The San Diego City Attorney's Office says the charges stem from the spearing last month of a protected giant sea bass at an underwater reserve in La Jolla. Thirty-four-year-old Omid Adhami is accused of unlawfully killing the protected fish inside the San Diego-La Jolla Ecological Reserve. His diving partner, 26-year-old Nima Hodaji was charged with unlawfully spearing a sheephead, a legal game fish, inside the reserve. The boat operator 22-year-old Navid Adibi is charged for possession of a protected species. In addition, all three men were charged with two counts each of misdemeanor conspiracy in connection with the alleged incident. The three are scheduled to appear in Superior Court for the charges on June 2nd.

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