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Summer is here!
Feel the Magic
Yes, it's spring break! That means no more driving to STATE and back home!! YAY! That was definitely a major reason why I pay $40 for a full tank!

Anyway, what I want to do is have some fun! Also, to catch up on Meteor Garden, play the songs I've been practicing on the piano, FFVII, and unfortunately, EXERCISE!!

[sigh] I want my effin stuff back!

Besides that...

We went to coronado this saturday. Fun! Except that maybe I was the only one getting a bit annoyed by Shelise. But I just kept my contact to a minimum with her. Everytime she opens her mouth, it's a complaint!

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But yes, here are the king and queen of the deserted island connected by a blue bridge that dissapears when we flip the switch.

Yesterday, we took my cousin to Balboa Park, with my dumb dog. It seemed that more people liked her more than they hated her (the dog). These young Chinese children had much fun with her. I would post pictures, because we all know that all everyone looks at in journals are pictures, but LB has them.

And yes, I know, a shocker that I updated. Oh! Anybody interested in going to 6 flags in the end of May/begining of June?

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