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I finally get it back
Well, after at least half a year, I get my Meteor Garden back. I've been wanting it back for a long time now, and honestly, my interest in it has waned a bit. I guess it's because it's been so long since I've seen the last one.

I was expecting it back about a week after I let my friend borrow it. But now it's been so long that I forgot a lot of what happened, so I might just have to start over again. :-/

Something has happened to me because of this. Now I am always afraid of lending out my things to people. I am afraid that I will never get my stuff back, or if I do, it won't be until I lose interest in it.

I felt bad when my friend (who has also been asking to borrow the DVDs for a long time), asked to borrow it after I had finally received them back, I told them that I would like to make a copy before I let her borrow it. It's not that I didn't trust her, it's just that I spent so much money on this thing, and I just wanted to have it back. I also thought I was splitting the price with people. But it didn't turn out that way. It was missing for so long that at one point, I didn't care if they helped pay or not. I just wanted my stuff back.

I get like that sometimes. I mean, I think of myself as a generous person. But sometimes I just feel used.

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you are always more than generous...half a year that's just wrong...after a week you should've just called her and asked if you can have the game back. the nerve of her asking to borrow something else after borrowing that for six months. i can see why you worry about lending people things. i'll admit i'll forget to return things on time.

Thanks for your kind words. I may just be over reacting.

Oh, and by the way, it wasn't a game, but a DVD drama set of at least 20 DVDs. Speaking of games, you need to come over and play DDR and the drum game!

I know! you still have my money! When are you gonna return that?! j/k

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